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CalSun Mortgage was founded by Mitchell Lubinsky, it’s CEO and President. Mitchell is a real estate broker and licensed by CA Department of Real Estate. He has been in real estate and lending industry for more than 35 years. He is a real estate mortgage expert and practitioner. And acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge in all major aspects of real estate sales and financing, please see Mitchell’s profile on Linked-In. CalSun Mortgage operates its business in State of California, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and others counties.


CalSun was the first innovator for establishing its clients’ eligibility for financing and providing them with fully underwritten loan pre-approval. To avoid any complications during future transaction handling, we evaluate your credit and financial information in advance, before you’re shopping for a new home and commencing the loan transaction. We know first- hand what obstacles to anticipate during the loan processing and how to eliminate them at once.


Calsun Mortgage is specializing in residential (1 to 4 units) real estate financing, including conventional, (conforming and jumbo loans), and government, (FHA and Reverse mortgage), with no upfront application fees or deposits.
All our loans are offered at most competitive, low rates and pricing. We welcome self-employed borrowers, and do not have additional charges for them. Every client receives the same service as any other qualified borrower. We are happy to work with first-time homebuyers, and they could be eligible for financing under all our residential loan programs. Foreign National loans are available. One of our niche services is our "No Closing Costs" option, which is available on most of our loan programs.


The mortgage process can be very complicated and stressful. CalSun Mortgage’s goal is to close your loan smoothly, on time and without any surprises - you never have to worry with us about your loan approval and closing on time. Vs. banks and other mortgage companies We don't intend to keep our clients in darkness of uncertainty without any answer. We always want to educate, explain and inform our clients about their mortgage at any and each opportunity during entire transaction. We answer all your questions on time and without any delay. We are different from other mortgage companies because of our competence and expertise. We earned our trust based on treating each of our clients with the same dignity and respect and providing efficient, personalized service and exceptional pricing.
By Mitchell Lubinsky, It’s President, 
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