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When purchasing a property for the first time, you will likely come across shocking discoveries. This is especially true in California, which has some of the country’s highest property prices. This poses a serious problem for individuals hoping to break into the Golden State’s homeownership market.

CalSun Mortgage recognizes that the process of purchasing a home can be intimidating, not to mention costly and offers a variety of financing packages to assist qualified first-time home purchasers in obtaining a mortgage.

A regional loan program with a low credit score or down payment restrictions is exactly what most borrowers need when looking for a first time home buyer loan.

Mortgage Refinance interest rates are affected by a borrower’s financial credentials.

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CalSun Mortgage - The Perfect Mortgage Provider for First Time Home Buyers

A mortgage is likely the largest loan that you’ll ever take out during your lifetime. This is why you need a trustworthy mortgage lender who has the experience and knowledge to get you the mortgage you need. CalSun Mortgage has been in the real estate business in California for over 30 years.

We specialise in residential loans for one to four units, conforming and jumbo loans, as well as government (FHA and Reverse Mortgage) loans. With no upfront application fees or deposits, our loans are supplied at the most competitive rates and pricing opposed to huge banks and other mortgage firms.

If you are a first time home buyer looking for the best possible solution for you, CalSun mortgage can help you find the mortgage you need.

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Efficiency, Simplicity, and Friendly Professional Service are the pillars and core of our organization. We are committed to deliver what we promised.

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FHA loans are ideal for first-time homebuyers because they offer lower upfront loan fees and easier credit standards, as well as the ability to put down as little as 3.5 percent on a home. 3 FHA loans cannot exceed the above-mentioned statutory limits.

You may be eligible for a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) if you are purchasing or developing a new home worth up to $750,000. The property must not have been previously sold or occupied to be eligible.

You cannot have owned or co-owned a home in the previous three years to be deemed a first-time home buyer. Like any other borrower, you’ll need to qualify for the loan. A minimum credit score and a maximum debt-to-income ratio will be imposed by the mortgage lender.

The Scheme’s goal is to reduce the time it takes for first-time home buyers to accumulate a deposit. The scheme operates by allowing first-time home purchasers to acquire a home with only a 5% deposit.

To qualify for a home loan, first–time buyers must provide proof of income and steady work for at least two years. Home buyers also need to have sufficient credit scores and debt to income ratios.

Helped to over 3000 borrowers to purchase and refinance their dream homes.

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People Are Saying

Jason Dyer
Jason Dyer
West Hills , CA
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I was a first time home buyer and I didn't know where to start. A friend of mine told me about CalSun Mortgage and they couldn't have been more helpful. They were super responsive and available to answer any questions that popped up during the process. Their rates were the best around, which is why I chose them. CalSun Mortgage is by far the best mortgage provider for first time home buyer programs.
Emma Reid
Emma Reid
Valley Village, CA
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I got a loan through CalSun Mortgage and I couldn't be happier. The staff was always available to help me and answer any questions that I had. They were very accommodating, which made it easy for me to get my paperwork in on time. I recommend this company to any first time home buyer looking for a trustworthy mortgage lender.
Dylan Hudson
Dylan Hudson
Canoga Park, CA
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I was a first time home buyer and a little nervous about the process. CalSun Mortgage helped me through it and they were the best choice. They explained everything I needed to know and found a good rate for my needs. It was a great experience!
Harry Gill
Harry Gill
N. Hollywood, CA
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I was looking for a mortgage company when I heard about CalSun. Now, I know they are really good at what they do. They turned my paperwork around in less than 24 hours and pre-approved me in minutes! The best thing is that they were able to provide me with the best mortgage rates I could find in the state for first time home buyers.
Amelia Fraser
Amelia FraserRiverside, CA
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CalSun Mortgage has been a lifesaver for me and my husband. We just bought our first home and they were such a joy to work with! They made the process so quick and easy. I would recommend them to any first time home buyer out there!
Trevor Skinner
Trevor Skinner San Diego, CA
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I just closed on my first house two days ago and I'm so happy that CalSun Mortgage was there for me. The process was a breeze, and all of my questions were answered quickly by the friendly staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a low-interest first time home buyer loan, they're the ones to call!

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