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What are Jumbo Loans?

A jumbo loan is a conventional type of loan that exceeds the Fannie May (FNMA)  – FederalHousing Finance Agency’s(conforming) lending limits. A jumbo loan cannot be acquired, insured, or securitized by the federal government, vs. FHA, VA and other loans.

A jumbo loan, often known as a non-conforming loan, is offered at a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Fixed-rate mortgages, amortized over 30 and 15 years (360 and 180  monthly payments)   Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are fixed for 3,5,7 & 10 years. Jumbo mortgages are used to purchase high-value prime residences, second homes and residential investment properties.

Jumbo Loan interest rates are affected by a borrower’s financial credentials.

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CalSun Mortgage has been in the business since 1986. We do not take our business for granted; we are privileged to serve our clients. We have the experience, expertise and abilities to provide our clients with the lowest interest rates, no closing cost loans, superior and efficient service, in a timely manner and with a friendly, happy atmosphere. 

With cost-effective rates, timely services, complete ender-borrower transparency, and seamless approvals CalSun Mortgage strives to provide every client with the best possible solution.

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Efficiency, Simplicity, and Friendly Professional Service are the pillars and core of our organization. We are committed to deliver what we promised.

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Yes, you can.We do it via Loan Pre-approval, whichis a standard procedure with CalSun Mortgage. We underwrite your loan application and guarantee your loan approval depending on the loan -preapproval results.

  • Good Credit – 700+ Credit score.
  • Sufficient income.
  • Employment (self-employed usually 2yrs)
  • Cash in the bank.
  • Sufficient Property Value.

Usually, the same day or 24 hours, holidays may be excluded.

Yes, we do. Please click here for the list check of required

Usually30 days. or faster. On the purchase the time limit is determined in the purchase contract.

Prime residence – single-family home, condominiums, investment property 1-4 Units.

Interest rates depend on your personal credentials. For a personalized quote call 818-921-7053.

If you have questions or inquiries, please contact Calsun Mortgage:

Phone 818-921-7053, Email:, or click here

We have been in lending business since 1986. We provide low interest rates and pricing and effective, smooth with no surprises service. We earned our trust based on treating all of our clients with honesty, dignity and respect!

Helped to over 3000 borrowers to purchase and refinance their dream homes.

To get a personalized quote, Phone 818-921-7053, Email: or
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People Are Saying

Oleg K
Oleg K
West Hills , CA
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Mitch financed purchase and then refinanced my house a few times.I am financial adviser myself and familiar with mortgage business. He was follow in detail from the processing to closing.As many times as I needed. He really knows what he is doing; I was very happy with the service and working with him.
Mike and Frida M
Mike and Frida M
Valley Village, CA
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I worked with Mitch and Inna quite a few times. I refinanced with them a number of my residential and commercial properties. Both of them were very professional, honest and supportive in a friendly, understanding, and comfortable atmosphere. I came to them from my bank where I had very bad experience. My children financed purchase and then refinanced their homes with them as well.
Igor R.
Igor R.
Canoga Park, CA
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I am very glad I met Mitch. Hewas working with me on a few occasions refinanced my home and my other properties. At all times the entire process was very smoothly and without any surprises. Even, when there were some obstacles on the way, they were resolved very quickly and the deals were always closed on time.I will definitely use him again and recommend someone else
Sylvia Hamilton Goulden
Sylvia Hamilton Goulden
N. Hollywood, CA
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I met Mitch after my husband passed away. I was going through very hardtimes. I needed to cut my bills, Mitchrefinanced my home and helpeda lot. I did not know too much about mortgages. He explained to me all the process in detail in very professional and communicative manner without any pressure.All transaction went very smoothly and unbelievable quick. After that he refinanced my home two times saving me money. I very glad I met him and wouldrecommend him to somebody else!

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