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  • Purchase Loans - New Home Loans, Refinancing - To Lower Your Monthly Payments, Refinancing - Cash Out.
  • Single Family Homes, Condominiums – Townhomes, 1-4 Units Loans
  • Owner Occupied - Non-owner, Investor Loans 
  • Fixed Rate Loans - Adjustable-Rate Loans. (ARM)
  • Conforming Loans (FNMA & FHLMC Limits), High-Balance Conforming Loans 
  • Jumbo Loans Up to $3,000,000, 
  • No Closing Costs, No Points Loans
  • Self-Employed, First Time Homebuyer
  • FHA Loans, Streamline FHA Refinance, 
  • Reverse Mortgage
All loans are subject to verification of credit, employment, income and assets. Restrictions and conditions may apply. All loans are subject to conditional loan approval and commitment. The published mortgage interest rates are subject to change without any notice.
Not every applicant is entitled for a real estate financing. When you apply for a real estate loan/mortgage, you and your collateral real property must qualify for financing. Your personal qualifications depend on your credit history, income/employment and primarily liquid assets. Your property will be subject to appraisal and title search. CalSun Mortgage is a mortgage broker/banker, if you need an advice in accounting and legal matter, please consult your accountant and legal advisor.
Feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation. We will gladly assist you with all your questions, and concerns.
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