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How to Get a Home Loan When Self Employed

California is the world’s sixth-largest economy, and five of its cities have been recognized as among the best places to start a business. San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Riverside are among these cities.

As the self-employed and small-business economy expands, an increasing number of business owners turn to self-employed funding. Which they are denied due to the bank’s and major lending institution’s stringent requirements. To qualify for one of the few loan programmes offered by banks, a client must tick specified boxes. This method of loan qualification is now obsolete and makes no sense in today’s economy.

To make up for the lack of options in home loans for self employed individuals, private lenders across California have implemented new qualifications and mortgage terms that specifically cater to a self employed person’s needs.

Mortgage Refinance interest rates are affected by a borrower’s financial credentials.

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CalSun Mortgage’s Perfect Self Employment Home Loans

Self-employed borrowers have access to the same lending options as ‘traditionally’ employed borrowers.

There are no unique conditions that make getting a mortgage more difficult for self-employed people. You must meet the same credit, debt, down payment, and income requirements as other applicants.

Documenting your income is the part that can be difficult. As a business owner, contractor, freelancer, or gig worker, proving your cash flow may necessitate more paperwork than for W-2 employees.

CalSun Mortgage has the capacity, flexibility, and partnerships with a variety of lenders that enable us to find the right financing for your scenario. Before accepting an application, we assess a variety of parameters outside of the borrower’s income.

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Self-employed borrowers are eligible for practically all of the same mortgage categories as ordinary borrowers. That implies you’ll be able to get a conventional loan from a number of different lenders. 

You should be eligible for all available options, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and other conforming mortgage programmes, as well as non-conforming loans if necessary.

If you don’t qualify for a conventional loan, you can apply for a non-conforming loan from a selective group of lenders. You can also reach out to private lending institutions that specifically cater to and provide home loans for self employed individuals.

Lenders typically average your self-employed income over the previous two years and break it down by month when calculating self-employed income for a mortgage.

It may sound unfair, but if you’re self-employed, you may need to save a higher downpayment – ideally 20% or more. This will allow you to take advantage of a wider range of offerings and help establish trust between you and the lender.

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People Are Saying

Molly Wallace
Molly Wallace
West Hills , CA
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I have never been a fan of mortgages, but after meeting with a representative from CalSun Mortgage, I finally felt good about the process. They were so easy to work with and answered all my questions. Plus, they helped me find the best deal for my needs. If you are looking for a mortgage company to take care of your self employed home loan, I highly recommend them.
Samantha Burgess
Samantha Burgess
Valley Village, CA
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I am a mortgage broker and I sometimes have clients that don't qualify for a home loan because they are self-employed. I had been looking for a partner that would be willing to work with these clients, and CalSun Mortgage has been a perfect fit. They have approved two loans this year and I look forward to working on more home loans for self employed with them.
Connor Kerr
Connor Kerr
Canoga Park, CA
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After I lost my job, I couldn't get any home loan when self employed to buy a house. My credit was too low and I didn't have enough money for a down payment. CalSun Mortgage offered me an affordable mortgage with no income verification. It was the answer to my prayers!
Yvonne Buckland
Yvonne Buckland
N. Hollywood, CA
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I have been a mortgage loan officer for 17 years and have seen many changes in the industry. One of the most important things has been the rise of self employment. I am glad that there are now better options for these hard working people to find a self employment home loan that works for them. CalSun Mortgage specifically has been a huge help to me with their home loans for self employed.
Nicholas Churchill
Nicholas ChurchillRiverside, CA
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I am currently working on my mortgage application with CalSun Mortgage. The customer service representative that I talked to was courteous and informative, which has given me the peace of mind that I am making the right decision getting a self employment home loan with them.
Anna Roberts
Anna RobertsSan Diego, CA
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I have been working with CalSun Mortgage for over a year now. It has been a great experience! They are very aware of the needs of self-employed people and go out of their way to provide the best service possible, which is something I really appreciate. I have never had an issue with my loan being approved or anything being delayed, which is something I have seen happen with other companies.

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